“A Knitconcept (Asia) Limited” originates from the craft of sweaters. Combining techniques in clothing manufacture, it provides mixing concepts and ideas for designers. Herman Chan, the person-in-charge of the company has been working in the fashion industry for 25 years. He keeps generating creative ideas on his products.

Our company cooperates with the raw material providers and manufacturing companies in northern and southern China. We make our products according to their characteristics. We send our orders to the factories which are specific in certain skills, so as to produce the best products for the market.

Our showroom locates in Hong Kong. Customers don’t have to travel all the way to Mainland China to get trendy materials. We also provide all-round technical support, so that customers can have more spare time to enjoy the beautiful view and cuisine of Hong Kong.

“A Knitconcept (Asia) Limited”
的誕生源於毛衣制作工藝. 負責人Herman Chan專注毛織制作超過25年, 他不斷為產品提供創新的整合, 除了毛織, 我們亦會拼合其它時尚服裝制作, 為設計師提供具創意的概念.

我們合作的團隊主要來自中國南北方, 並且會根據產品的特性放在相關的工廠進行生產, 和對不同工廠擅長的工藝進行配對, 務求達到完美的生產組合.

展示廳設在魅力迷人的香港, 客人不需要奔波於遼闊的大中華地區,便可以搜羅最新、最流行的物料, 我們亦樂意提供全面的創作技術支援. 專業、創新和有效率的服務讓令你有更多空間享受香港的美食和風景.